Church History


The year was 1937. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was in the White House and some 600 miles away, a small group of believers gathered together to witness the birth of a new work of God in the city. Under the direction of Rev. Hobart Goolsby, they met in a 2 story building at the corner of Clio Avenue and East 37th Street in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This new ministry would be known in those early years as the Clio Avenue Baptist Church. In 1940, this new church purchased a house on 32nd Street and built the first place of worship to occupy the land where Temple still meets today. Later in 1946, Rev. Joe Mayfield became the pastor of Clio Avenue Baptist Church.

Then in 1947, Rev. Bruce Talley became the pastor. The name of the church was changed to Temple Baptist Church and a sanctuary to worship in was built on Rossville Boulevard.

In 1951, the church called as her pastor the Rev. W.R. Lumpkin. Bro. Lumpkin ministered to the people of God at Temple for 20 years until 1971.

In 1971, Rossville Boulevard was one of the busiest roads in the city. It was during that year, God sent Rev. T.D. Burgess to be the pastor of Temple Baptist Church. Due to amazing growth during this time, the church built a third sanctuary, this time facing Clio Avenue. Rev. Burgess remained pastor until the year 1981.

From 1981 to 1986, Rev. Walter Hare served as pastor. During those years the church continued to experience growth. The church purchased the old Clifton Hills Elementary School and renovated it for use as the TBC Family Life Center.

In 1986, a vibrant young preacher from North Carolina named Ken Trivette became the pastor of TBC. During his time of service, the church began a regional television broadcast. New educational facilities were built and in 2004 the church built a 1,400-seat, state of the art, worship center. Bro. Ken faithfully served as pastor for 22 years.

Then in 2009, as the work of God continued on Rossville Boulevard, Rev. Shad Smith was called to be new pastor at Temple. Under the leadership of Pastor Shad, the church continued to shine the light of the gospel into the inner city of Chattanooga until his resignation at the end of 2013. Bro. Scott Young then led the church as interim pastor until Sept 2014.